Are you living your life ‘On the Run?
Is your life’s hectic pace affecting your energy, moods or enjoyment of life?
Or perhaps you’ve just noticed that there’s less time for joy and fun in your life.

I invite you to Slow Down and Savour the Sweetness

Welcome to Wellness

Mandy Price – Counsellor | Speaker | Teacher | Celebrant | Adelaide South Australia

Hello and Welcome to Wellness. If you are ready to make some changes  that would improve your wellbeing and enjoyment of life then consider these services I offer

Just imagine if you really could get balance in all areas of your life- Family, Friends, Health Work, Finances?

The busyness of our lives today creates a pressure, a tension, that if not released or let go can cause great unhappiness and illness.

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I have worked with Mandy in both her group programs and individually. She is a wonderful and committed coach and my regular check in’s with her are always valuable in supporting me to keep on track with nurturing my own wellbeing while being a busy Mum of two young children.


It is unbelievable what can fit into a one-day retreat – Since attending Mandy’s first retreat back in 2016, I’ve made my own self-care a priority. The most important gift I have gained from Mandy’s is… no more being too busy… this is truly a day to give to me – I deserve it!


It’s been a privilege to be involved in Mandy’s retreats over the last few years, and to see how much they have helped and empowered the participants. I have also gained personal insight which has had a lasting impact on my own well being.


Day Retreats for Women

The Rest and Restore Retreat is about women joining together to celebrate, connect, learn, laugh and play. This one day retreat provides the opportunity to slow down, prioritise yourself, nourish your Body, Mind and Spirit and reflect on what’s really important to you. The retreat is based on 5 ancient healing salves – silence, nature, movement, music and story-telling. These activities are woven throughout the day, allowing you to connect with yourself on a deep physical, mental and emotional level.

2024 Retreats


Sunday 23rd June – Sophia Centre

Sunday 22nd September – Sophia Centre

Welcome to Wellness team
“Mandy’s retreat was one of the most peaceful, reflective, relaxing and memorable days that I can remember. It helped me to unwind, deeply connect with myself and reassess the things in my life that are most important. Thank you Mandy for the unforgettable and inspiring experience.”

Personal Coaching and Counselling

Welcome to Wellness stress management
Welcome to Wellness offers qualified and experienced Counselling and Coaching.

Counselling gives you the chance to talk with a qualified person who will really listen to you and can help you discover new ideas and new ways of resolving a problem. Being heard and being able to share your story can help you feel lighter and more capable of meeting those challenges.

Coaching is a process that enables you to get from where you are now to where you want to be – giving you the happy life you deserve. The role of the coach by your side is to support, encourage and motivate you to ensure you achieve your goals.

Adolescent Anxiety:
Anxiety disorders can be especially serious for young people, because they are still developing. If left untreated, anxiety disorders in teenagers can have long-term effects that can continue into adulthood. While there are many online services for young people with anxiety, face to face support from a trained professional is often what young people need.

Thank you for helping me through this really tough time and for giving me excellent tools to not only cope but also grow and nurture myself. You helped me with matters old and new and some that I didn’t even realise I was still carrying. I feel much lighter and am able to help myself move forward  much more easily.

You’re truly a beautiful person and I’ve felt so comfortable working with you. With sincere thanks, Peb”

Workshops and Presentations

As a professional teacher and counsellor Mandy has been passionate about health and personal development all her life. She is a lifelong learner, adding to her skills and knowledge by  undertaking study in the areas of  Personal Development, Positive Psychology Compassion Based Mindfulness, Nutrition, NLP, Reiki, Massage and  Spirituality.

This broad knowledge base means she creates and delivers workshops and presentations tailored to a group’s needs, infusing them with knowledge from a range of disciplines and ensures they are interactive and experiential.

Participants come away from these events with both the information, motivation and skills to make their Well Being a greater priority in their lives.

Topics include

  • Stress Management
  • Work life Balance
  • Self-Care Strategies
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Esteem
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Positive Psychology
  • Adolescent Health

Mandy Price

Mandy has been an educator in the area of Health and Personal Development for 30 years and a counsellor for 17 years.

She created her business Welcome to Wellness after her own experience with a health crisis.
After several major changes in her life she realised that she was experiencing Adrenal Burn-Out which required her to re-evaluate her values and choices in life.

As a counsellor herself she did find the means to help her recover but it was a process that required a lot of time and money.  She became passionate about helping people avoid what she had experienced and began running one day retreats for women to rest and restore. Mandy believes in the value of Preventative Health Care and that is why she is so passionate about the services she offers.

Whilst I have been a ‘Rushing Woman’ myself I am concerned at the effects our busy lifestyles are having on women’s health, happiness and relationships. Without time for restoration, our bodies can burn out. Adrenal exhaustion is a rapidly growing condition.

I believe that our health is our main wealth and often it is not until we are suffering poor health that we take the time to look after and value our well being.

Taking time out from the demands, responsibilities and busyness of the day is an effective way to restore one’s well being.

Welcome to Wellness
Adelaide South Australia