Rest and Restore Retreat

Treat yourself – because you deserve it

Next Retreat | Saturday 20th February  | Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Join with other women to celebrate, connect, learn, laugh and play.

Weaved into four sessions over the day are:

  • Yoga stretches and relaxation
  • Mindfulness
  • Discussion on ‘rushing women’s syndrome’ and effects on our health
  • Quiet reflective time in beautiful garden settings
  • Guided meditation to connect with your intuition
  • Wholesome food both delicious and nutritious
“I found the day rejuvenating and inspiring. It allowed me to step out of the busy-ness of my everyday life and to remember to honour the things that are really important to me. And the food was amazing!!”

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2021 Retreats for Women


Rest and Restore Retreat – Sophia Centre

A day to have a break from responsibilities and worries, to experience relaxation, and learn manageable Self Care strategies

Sunday 21st March

Sunday 23rd May

 9:30am – 4:30pm
255 Cross Road
Cumberland Park, South Australia



Rest and Restore Retreat- Riverdell Spiritual Centre

A day to have a break from responsibilities and worries, to experience relaxation, and learn manageable Self Care strategies

This retreat is truly unique. It has been specifically designed to include a range of activities that cultivate deep relaxation, self-reflection and reconnection with your inner self. Activities include:• Yoga stretches and relaxation• Mindfulness• Discussion of Rushing Woman’s Syndrome and health effects• Quiet reflective time in a beautiful natural setting• Guided meditation to connect with your intuition and creativity. Delicious nutritious food included

February 20th 2021


Riverdell Spiritual Centre
51 Clifford Road
Hillier, South Australia


Slow Down and Savour the Sweetness – Riverdell Spiritual Centre

This 2 day retreat allows you the time to immerse yourself in soulful and nourishing activities that will give you opportunity to deeply relax, stop the rushing, and find the space for clarity and perspective.

Friday 30th April- Sun 2nd May
51 Clifford Road
Hillier, South Australia

“I felt so nurtured and revigorated after this retreat. I loved the sessions outside, the laughter and also the food really is sooo tasty!!!”

Mandy Price

Mandy Price 2020

Mandy has been an educator in the area of Health and Personal Development for 30 years and a counsellor for 14 years.

She created her business Welcome to Wellness after her own experience with a health crisis.
After several major changes in her life she realised that she was experiencing Adrenal Burn-Out which required her to re-evaluate her values and choices in life.

As a counsellor herself she did find the means to help her recover but it was a process that required a lot of time and money.  She became passionate about helping people avoid what she had experienced and began running one day retreats for women to rest and restore. Mandy believes in the value of Preventative Health Care and that is why she is so passionate about the services she offers.

Whilst I have been a ‘Rushing Woman’ myself I am concerned at the effects our busy lifestyles are having on women’s health, happiness and relationships. Without time for restoration, our bodies can burn out. Adrenal exhaustion is a rapidly growing condition.

I believe that our health is our main wealth and often it is not until we are suffering poor health that we take the time to look after and value our well being.

Taking time out from the demands, responsibilities and busyness of the day is an effective way to restore one’s well being.

Welcome to Wellness
Adelaide South Australia