How to invest in your Well-Being

So have you ever signed up for a gym membership, personal trainer joined a sports team to improve your physical health?
Have you gone on a diet to lose weight or feel better?

All aspects of your Health are important. I encourage you to consider your mental and emotional health too.

Don’t wait until you are exhausted and unwell to spend time and money on your health?

Take preventative measures now to ensure you maintain your


by signing up for a


They include Retreats where you can learn and practice stress management strategies and come away from the day feeling restored and refresh. It’s a lovely way to top yourself up and to be reminded that Self Care is crucial in order to care for others in a loving and joyful way.

The package also includes Counselling/Coaching sessions,  and some include a bonus Massage!

Are you ready to prioritise your Health and Wellbeing? Then choose from one of these packages below.

One Day Retreats

Retreats are held at the beautiful Sophia centre, Cumberland Park, Adelaide, South Australia

9.30am – 4.30pm including wholesome nutritious food: $160


1 ¼  hour counselling/coaching session held fortnightly or monthly at Aldinga Beach: $90


Full body therapeutic massage: $80

Self-Care Package 

1 Retreat
4 Counselling/ Coaching sessions

Valued at $540
Price  $500

Self-Connect Package

2 Retreats
4 Counselling/ Coaching sessions
Plus bonus massage

Valued at $740
Price  $680

Gather a group of girlfriends who you would like to share a retreat experience with and book in a date.

Retreats are held at the beautiful Sophia Centre, Cumberland Park, Adelaide, South Australia.

In 2022, August 28th is available for a beautiful shared ‘girls day in’ with friends, family or work colleagues


Minimum 10 in a group.

Group rate $150/personFlower Crown