Christmas Gift

I was listening the other day to an economist who wrote a book called ‘Affluenza about 10 yrs ago. It appears the message that too much stuff is not good for our health or the planet seems to not be taken up.

People are justifying consuming more than they need by saying it’s good for the economy and the creation of jobs. He says that in fact buying cheaper goods from overseas to be used for a short time before being thrown into landfill does not actually promote job growth.

Investing money in education, health and services provides job opportunities.

So on that note why not consider purchasing experiences for your loved ones this #Christmas? You know the usual, massages, movie and theatre vouchers, Zoo tickets…. OR a retreat in January- Sunday 28th to be precise.

If you have a sister, friend, mother, auntie who you would love to treat with a unique gift I am happy to arrange a gift voucher for you.

Wouldn’t we all love to put time aside to Rest Reflect and be Restored?

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Adelaide South Australia