One Day Retreat

Do you ever feel that you would just like to take some time out and stop all busyness and just look after yourself? Doing that seems too hard, with retreats often being in far away places that require time to travel to, that cost a lot of money and require you to get organised for 4 or 5 days? Sure they may help you detox, disconnect, and ‘discover yourself’ but I have an easier solution. Why not attend my next one day ‘Rest Reflect Restore’ Retreat? It’s only a day but the benefits are on going. “Mandy’s retreat was one of the most peaceful, reflective, relaxing and memorable days that I can remember. It helped me to unwind, deeply connect with myself and reassess the things in my life that are most important. Thank you Mandy for the unforgettable and inspiring experience.” Would love you to join us.

Welcome to Wellness
Adelaide South Australia