Rushing Women’s Syndrome

“There’s a crisis in women’s health” states Dr Libby Weaver in her TED talk.
She uses the phrase ‘Rushing Women’s Syndrome”. I can so relate to this and after being a rushing woman and experiencing adrenal fatigue. I am passionate about sharing my experience and what I have learnt from it with other women.

One Day Retreat

The one day retreat provides information, motivation and strategies to manage a busy lifestyle and still prioritise one’s health. After all, our health is our wealth. If the body is continually pushed to it’s maximal level- operating in flight/fight mode for long periods of time- it will eventually protest. Constant stress can make us sick. My message is one of prevention. Self Care and restorative time is crucial in this 24/7 society. Perhaps you could do with a day to disconnect from the busy ‘doing’ world to reconnect with yourself

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